Select Editorials:

The Hai Road – on my brotherhood, growing up, and League of Legends

Winnable – notes on Vietnamese League of Legends and my first trip back to my parents’ home

Intentionally Feeding – using food to better understand the family dynamic of pros

Play Beautifully – a look at Brazil’s passion for the game

Go Crazy, Go Stupid – a reaction to iG’s 16 minute win and how you feel rather than understand League of Legends

Friendly Fire – on what’s lost when two teammates part ways

Final Differences – a preview of the 2018 World Finals

The Point of Doublelift – an ode to the retirement of NA’s GOAT

Anonymous survey – as it sounds, fun questions with the pros

10 thoughts – One example of a fun weekly column that ran for 4 years

Select Interactive Experiences:

Relive Worlds 2016 – an interactive look at Worlds 2016

Rift Rivals Flowchart – a guide to fandom

Rift Rivals Flowchart – same thing a year later

1v1 Tournament – a seriously not serious power ranking for All-Stars

Meet the Teams – a primer on Worlds participants

Select Podcast & Broadcast Appearances:

JLXP – Early season “Oscars” and 10 thoughts

The Dive | 10 thoughts – Weekly hot topics with Kobe

LaneXLane – a talk show style game

This or That – no appearance but wrote the slides


Select Editorials:

Making varsity – on the potential of collegiate esports

Global Offensive – cheating and its ramifications in Counterstrike

Meteos Shower – the legacy of jungler William “Meteos” Hartman

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